Long time no sea!

Dear divers,

Firstly let us apologise for the shockingly long hiatus in posting a blog, we shall endeavour to post a bit more regularly from now on.

We are still here, working away filling cylinders, servicing scuba equipment, selling choice diving gear and aiming to provide a second to none service to our lovely customers.

At the beginning of this year we waved goodbye to our much beloved team member, Graeme, who is now living la vida loca in the Land Down Under.

If you have visited the shop in the past couple of months you will have had the pleasure to meet our two new team members, Blake and David.

Last Sunday the Aquatron team hit the shores of Loch Long to dive Twin Piers as there had been reports of an underwater spectacle to be seen at the site. We went in search of an anemone covered boulder with a sizeable shoal of Pollock casually hovering above it and with Mem’s expert guiding we found the marvel…

Over the past two years the dives have been few and far between for some of our team members (aye, especially Jennie) hence the title of this blog post but hopefully both the blog posts and the dives will be more frequent from now on.

Have you guys and gals found it difficult to get back into diving regularly or have you managed to keep things going?

We would love to hear from you, maybe we can inspire each other to take a giant stride back into diving!

All the best from the Aquatron Team

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