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Who Are We?


Founded in 1969, Aquatron Dive Centre is Scotland’s longest established dive centre. Aquatron has a large retail space, a full-service repair facility and PADI dive school partners that ensure we are a dive centre that will meet all of your needs!

Boasting an on-site full time service facility, we offer a complete range of servicing- from your A-Clamp to your Ziptie! We service regulators, bcd jackets, computers, cylinders and more. We can also help you to set up and adjust any new kit that you may need assistance with. We service most brands and can help fix most scuba diving kit issues.

We are one of the few dive centres in the uk with air purity technicians on-site, servicing clients all over Europe and beyond. More than 2000 fire departments nationwide trust Breathing Air Systems and our 40-plus years of experience to keep their air systems safe, with our Air Analysis programs, and our annual preventative maintenance plans, you can be sure your breathing the best.

Aquatron’s PADI Dive School partners, Blue Hippo Diving and Scuba T’s, offer a full range of diver training, from your first experience of breathing underwater all the way through to professional level.

Our approach is to provide a full all round service for our diving community.  Providing the tools and services to allow you to go anywhere you’re diving might take you.

Meet The Team


Below is a portfolio of our team members

  • Meryem Tekin
    Meryem Tekin Sales Associate
    Meryem’s love affair with diving started at a very early age. Growing up in a small coastal village in Turkey she was never far from the water and took every opportunity to be in it. After relocating to England with her family Mem did her first try dive at the tender age of fourteen and completed her PADI open water diver course at sixteen. Being super keen and wanting to spend as much time diving as possible Mem quickly progressed towards PADI professional level and became an instructor in the year 2000 after clocking up an impressive number of dives and courses both here in the UK and Turkey. 
    Mem also has a degree in marine biology from the University of Portsmouth Marine Unit and has been involved in a varied array of projects involving rescue & rehabilitation of marine animals, reef restoration and surveying and much more.
    Her professional diving career spans over two decades and she has been lucky enough to have worked and played in some of the most wonderful diving destinations of the world. 
    Mem has now settled in Scotland and joined the Aquatron team in 2019. 
  • Graeme Cleary
    Graeme Cleary Sales Associate

    Graeme’s first diving experience was in Mexico, where he gained his PADI Open Water off the coast of Cancun whilst on holiday. As can be the case for many people who experience clear, warm waters on their first dive, the prospect of swapping boardshorts for a drysuit and splashing into the cold and murky waters of Scotland seemed a little daunting at first. Through a number of twists and turns, Graeme found himself working in the United Arab Emirates as an Outdoor Instructor. There, he was able to take advantage of long lunch breaks and a friendly dive centre across the road with an abundance of wildlife including rays, black tip reef sharks and turtles being the local highlights. With occasional trips to an Omani municipality known for its Fjordic valleys, Graeme’s addiction to diving was fully developed. During this time, Graeme was able to complete his PADI Rescue Diver course. Once back from the Middle East, Graeme went on to study Environmental Geography at the University of Stirling – this time, he was unable to be satisfied by just going diving on holiday and so signed up with the Universities very own BSAC club who were able to introduce him to the wonders of Scottish diving. He’s never looked back and is now a true cold water convert.

  • Jennie Mcletchie
    Jennie Mcletchie Shop Manager
    Jennie came to scuba diving through discovering a passion for snorkelling and breath-hold diving during a holiday in Thailand. After the holiday Jennie’s husband and fellow snorkelling enthusiast, Mark, booked them onto a PADI Open Water Diver course and in 2012 after completing the course they went to the Red Sea to celebrate their achievement and since then scuba diving has taken over their lives, in the best possible way! 
    In 2013 a string of advanced and speciality PADI courses followed in quick succession but it wasn’t until they relocated from London to Glasgow that they were able to truly adopt scuba diving as a lifestyle choice. 
    Once back in Scotland in 2014, they both joined the Aquatron Dive Team and very quickly became permanent members of the dive centre crew. Mark left the company in 2016 to pursue a different career path but Jennie stayed on and worked her way to the role that she holds today, shop manager.
    Jennie is very passionate about Scottish diving and considers herself a very proud member of the absolutely amazing dive community that we have here in Scotland.
  • David Martin
    David Martin Service Technician
  • Ronnie Young
    Ronnie Young Managing Director

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What They Said

  • I have used Aquatron Diving Centre to obtain all of my PADI certificates and can honestly say each achievement was challenging but extremely enjoyable.

    Jamie Stevens
  • I have had many great experiences diving with Aquatron Diving Centre. I particularly enjoyed learning to interact with Grey Seals!

    Tom Harris

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