Aquatron Dive Centre have decided to go even further in our aim to support the Scottish diving community by launching a reward scheme open to dive clubs and schools.

What is the Win-Win Reward Scheme and what are the benefits for clubs and schools?

By encouraging your club members or students to support their local dive shop we will in return issue a voucher amounting to 2% of their total in-store spend every quarter. Your club or school can then redeem this voucher against either retail purchases or servicing at Aquatron.

What do we as a club or school have to do for the Win-Win Reward Scheme to start benefiting us?

Raise awareness of the scheme with your members, the more people from your club or school that participate the greater the benefit for all.

If your members or students are not already Buddy Card holders then they can sign up, completely free of charge, at their next visit. Also make them aware that they need to let us know what club or school they belong to so that we can add that information to our system in order to allocate the win-win reward appropriately.

If the person is already a Buddy Card holder then all they need to do is to let us know what club or school they belong to at their next visit to the shop and we will update their details accordingly.

Once your club member or student is signed up for both the Buddy Card and Win-Win then their in-store spending will start accruing toward a quarterly voucher for your club or school.

What is so Win-Win about it?

Back in May 2017 we introduced the Buddy Card and ever since then this scheme has been earning vouchers for those who have very kindly chosen to give us their custom. For every £1 spent in-store, for any purchase over £10, a buddy card point is earned and once the Buddy Card holder hits 250 points a voucher is issued to them.

As this has been a both popular and successful scheme over the past three years we wanted to explore other ways to further encourage the community to support their local dive shop and that is how the Win-Win idea came about.

It works as an extension to the Buddy Card system that will continue to reward the individual but will now also benefit the dive tribe to which they belong.

Needless to say it is also a win-win for us because at the end of the day it is your collective purchases and continuing patronage that keeps us in business .

For more details please ask one of our team members on your next visit to the shop, call at 0141-429 7575 or send us an email

Looking forward to serving you in-store soon.

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