Photos for Fills Competition

Dear divers,

Sadly we are still lingering in Lockdown Land however let’s not fret because it’s time for the next theme release of our Photos for Fills competition!

This month’s theme takes a more historical turn as we want to see your “Shipwreck” photos. One of the top diver favourites, wreck diving gives us a unique opportunity to enjoy some staggeringly dramatic structures that few others get to see. Their combination of historical value and sheer quantity of marine life make them a firm favourite of the shop’s staff.

Feel free to leave a wee message about your photograph, especially if there was a special reason you took the photo and what the person(s) in the photo means to you and make sure to tag the charterer/skipper who brought you out to the wreck too. Bonus points if your photos come from any of the local wrecks in the Clyde 😉.

Fitting with this month’s theme, and in addition to the fills, Eastwood Divers have kindly donated us one of their Jacques Cousteau, diving’s most famous explorer, inspired beanies which will be awarded to the 1st prize winner. So not only will you have plenty of gas to dive with but you will look fabulous on the shore too!

The red beanie posse looking fierce! Click on the picture to find out more about Eastwood Divers SSAC.

How to enter:

Step 1: Watch out for our monthly competition announcements. On the 1st of each month, we will release the details of the monthly theme.

Step 2: Post your photos as comments on Aquatron’s announcement post.

Step 3: Make sure to like and share the competition post.

Step 4: Wait for the announced winner. Super simple!


– Sunday 28th of February: Competition closes

– Tuesday 2nd of March: Winners announced

– Wednesday 3rd of March: Next photo competition theme detailed.


– Photos must be from the UK to qualify

– Maximum of two photographs per participant

– Photos must be submitted before the closing date (Friday 29th of January)

– Any camera can be used. So, feel free to use your compact, action cam, DSLR or even your phone if you have an UW case for it!

– Photos can be from anytime, there are no date restrictions

Winners and Prizes:

Winners will be judged by the Aquatron panel and announced at the end of the month.

1st prize is six air fills. Plus, the winner’s photo will be entered into our photo competition winner’s folder and we will proudly display the winning photo in the shop for all to see!

Runners-up will receive a complimentary air fill each.

The stunning header photo of this post was taken by Marcus Rose, GUE instructor extraordinaire. For more of his awesome photography check out his Instagram feed click here.

Looking forward to seeing your fabulous photo submissions over on the Aquatron Facebook page. A quick click on picture below will take you to the competition post…

Fingers and fins crossed it won’t be too much longer until we can all head back out to our favourite dive sites again. We miss you!

All the best from the Aquatron team.

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