A safe place to shop

Dear divers,

a week has passed already since we lifted our shutters for the first time post lockdown.

We would like to thank everyone who has visited the shop in the past seven days for making it a largely stress-free re-opening experience for us.

For those of you who have not been in to see us yet we though we would show you the measures that we have implemented to make Aquatron a safe place to shop.

We are keeping an eagle eye on the Scottish Government’s daily updates to make sure that we are complying with the latest rules and guidelines to keep everyone safe.

The porch has now become our information station.

Once face coverings become mandatory in shops here in Scotland on the 10th of July the last point above will obviously change to “Our in-store team member will be wearing a face mask all the time” and we would be very much obliged if everyone visiting the shop would duly comply with this rule too.

If you do not want to don a face covering please let us know before your visit and we will work out a way of serving you without you having to enter the shop.

Needless to say it is of the utmost importance to us that both our customers and team members feel safe in the shop and we welcome any input that will improve our efforts in achieving this.

Before the lockdown we removed two doors to facilitate easy access to a hand washing basin. We also have plenty of complimentary sanitising gel to hand as well and tissues if you need to catch that cough or seize that sneeze.

We are very lucky to have an open and airy retail space that makes it easier to adhere to social distancing in-store. We have a back door and window that we can keep open throughout the day to ensure good air circulation and with a one-in-one-out policy we can better ensure that disinfecting procedures of surfaces are kept on top of in-between customers.

Any servicing items coming in are either placed in quarantine before being worked on or get a disinfecting bath if booked in as a priority on a quick turnaround.

We also remove any products that have been touched from the shop floor and place them in quarantine. Masks that have been tried on are also thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant before being put back out on the shelf.

So there you go dear dive friends, this is the new normal in the shop for the time being.

If we all work together and adhere to government rules and guidelines we will vanquish this pesky virus!

Hope to see you in the shop or out and about at the dive sites soon.

Happy diving folks!

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