Diving on a single breath

Dear divers,

With all the various stresses and strains of the Covid-19 pandemic baring down on us all, we thought we would post about something serene and calming, namely freediving.

Right now you may be thinking that diving on a single breath sounds like the most stressful thing ever but once you master the proper techniques, they will help you focus and calm your mind, which in turn allows you to connect with the underwater world in a profoundly natural and peaceful way. The truth is that freediving is not only beneficial for the mind but can also be a portal to many other health benefits like better cardiovascular fitness, stronger muscles and improved flexibility.

While we are all stuck in Lockdown Land, feeling like our gills are getting drier by the day, freediving might just be the salvation from boredom that we’ve been praying for? Why not check out this video by professional freediver Adam Stern.

Did you know that there is a thriving freediving community right here in the UK? Apneists UK run both AIDA and PADI freediver courses several times a year and there is even a local branch called Freediving Scotland that (under normal non-Covid-19 circumstances) run weekly pool sessions and regular trips to places like Farne Islands.

Still not convinced? Then check out this video clip to see just how relaxing and fabulous freediving can be.

Bet you’re feeling calmer after watching that?!

So, just in case we have managed to whet your appetite for this marvellous sport, here is a wish list of gear from our favourite freediving suppliers Mares. This is pretty much all the gear you would ever need. However you can start enjoying the sport in a pool or in warmer climes with much less.

For more information click on each individual item below.

We will leave you with a video clip featuring a lovely customer and our very own Dana from Aquatron Breathing Air Systems doing a breath hold challenge at our 50th Anniversary Secret Sale last year.

How long can you hold your breath for?

Have a great weekend folks and see you soon!

Credit: main photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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