Scubapro Synergy Dive Mask


The Scubapro Synergy is a twin lens mask that uses Scubapro’s new TruFit skirt technology which implements varying silicone thickness and strength to offer improved fit, comfort and seal.

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The Synergy Twin mask uses a minimal frame construction to reduce the overall size, profile and weight of the mask. The remaining thin frame is finished in a variety of two tone colours. The lens uses the now common practice reverse tear drop shape to ensure a wide horizontal field of view and increased lower visibility. The frame and lenses are also raked in at the bottom to move the lower frame out of visibility and allowing better sight of equipment when looking downwards.

The TruFit skirt uses two different thicknesses of a high quality silicone, a thicker and firmer section near the frame to provide strength and rigidity and a thinner section near the face to provide a softer feel and better seal. The skirt features a large number of thicker ridges around the top and sides of the skirt that are designed to resist buckling and deformation of the skirt during normal use.

Grey Black/Silver Mirror option has mirrored lenses for use in very bright conditions


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