SCUBAPRO Everdry4 Drysuit – Womens


The Everdry 4 from Scubapro is designed to be as comfortable and as flexible as a wetsuit while keeping the user bone dry.


The Everdry 4 from Scubapro is designed to be as comfortable and as flexible as a wetsuit while keeping the user bone dry. The Everdry 4 is made from a 4mm high-density neoprene that maintains a large amount of thermal insulation while weighing less that 50% of a conventional suit and is significantly softer. Specifically designed for recreational divers looking for a hard wearing suit that was comfortable for use over long periods.

Everydry 4 Features:

  • 4mm neoprene
  • Si-tech inflation and exhaust valves
  • Neoprene socks
  • Back zip
  • Right hand leg pocket
  • Neoprene wrist and neck seal
  • Suspenders
  • 5/6.5mm hood

The neoprene used in the Everdry 4 is designed to provide better thermal insulation and better buoyancy stability at depth than an equivalent wetsuit. Fitted with inflation and exhaust valves made by si-tech, the inflation valve operates via a slider mechanism for easy, precise gas addition and the adjustable exhaust valve mounted to the shoulder releases gas at an excellent rate. Soft and flexible neoprene socks allow for comfortable fit of a variety of foot sizes, HD drysuit boots or wetsuit boots can be worn over the top to offer extra protection and provide ankle stability when walking over a rocky shore. A back zip is covered by a neoprene for protection against wear from a BCD and other possible sources of abrasion. A zippered pocket is fitted to the right leg for simple and streamlined storage of important dive accessories. The Everdry 4 is fitted with neoprene neck and wrist seals, the neck seal is designed to be folded over on itself so that the super smooth side of the neoprene rests against the skin, offering a water sealing solution that is much more comfortable that traditional latex neck seals. Elastic, adjustable suspenders are fitted on the inside of the suit to keep the crotch in the correct position both during and between dives for better comfort. A 5/6.5mm hood is included with a prolonged neck that can be tucked into the collar of the Everdry suit, soft skin-like neoprene is used on the face and neck seal for ultimate comfort and warmth.


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