Mares Quad Air Computer/ LED Transmitter (optional)


The Mares Quad Air Dive Computer is an upgraded version of the Quad Dive Computer to include wireless air integration with an optional Transmitter fitted to your regulator.  The large display is easy to read in all circumstances and the design of the computer makes it ambidextrous so you can mount it how and where you want it.

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Product Description

  • Magnificently clear display with jumbo size information
  • Hoseless tank data integration for up to three transmitters
  • Three-row layout comprises all relevant data including tank pressure
  • Two customizable fields for ancillary information
  • Four buttons for intuitive user interface
  • Mirrored button function during dive
  • Option to view dive time including seconds
  • Runaway deco alarm
  • Multigas capable
  • Decompression dive planner with user adjustable surface interval
  • Long battery life, user replaceable

Additional Information

Quad Air Options

Computer only, With LED Transmitter


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