Mares EOS 20rz Torch


After the great popularity of last years EOS rz Range Mares dialed their power setting up to 11 for the EOS 20rz.  Powered by three CREE XP-L LEDs the 20rz can produce up to 2300 lumens of bright white light that you can focus to a wide 75° Flood light or a tight 12° Spot light.

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Product Description

The 20rz is four torches in one really and great for anyone diving in dark conditions like wrecks or at night or in poor visibility.  A simple twist of the head adjusts the beam angle so you have both a focused spot light which is great for communicating and piercing through murky waters. Twist the head if you want to illuminate a scene for a photo, video or if you don’t want to blind your buddy when you shine the torch at them.

You can adjust the power settings in the water too through the magnetic switch which will alternate through full power, low, SOS flash and off.  Even at full power the torch can burn for up to 1hr 45 mins and can be recharged with a USB cable in the torch. The torch also has a switch to lock the mechanism in place meaning it wont go off in the pocket of your bcd or in the car on the way to the site.

Both the power switch and focus ring are magnetic so you don’t have to worry about greasing or changing O-Rings because it doesn’t need any.  The 20rz only has one O-Ring that you need to look after and just a small dab of grease when you charge the battery should do.



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