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The Apeks XTX200 regulator is the very best and definitive regulator in the Apeks range and sits at the very pinnacle of modern scuba diving regulator technology. Being the flagship product at the top of the Apeks range, it has been designed with quality in mind and carefully constructed to the highest of standards by the best engineers and with the best materials available.

It is a high performance regulator and enjoys the features you should expect from a top-of-the-range Apeks product.

Your Apex XTX200 regulator will have passed the toughest adiabatic compression tests before leaving the factory to comply with British Safety Standards, and is safe to use in the pressure that come with diving in increased oxygen environments.

The XT200 is safe to use in both sport diving and the rigours of advanced scuba diving in the most extreme and demanding conditions. It comes adaptable for either-handed hose configuration and utilises our unique Diver Changeable Exhaust system. You will only find these features in the Apeks XTX range.

Let’s go into some of the XTX200 regulator features and performance in a bit more detail…


As the XTX200 is our flagship product, we wanted to offer something special to the scuba world. The regulator can be used with right or left hose routing to allow greater flexibility and second stage configuration with your equipment. This feature blends quality, safety and performance with convenience and offers you, the diver an opportunity to wear your equipment the best way that suits you, without worry. We believe it’s this quality and eye for technical detail that sets Apeks rightly apart in the scuba community, with world-beating regulators and kit, carefully designed and expertly crafted.


APEKS XT200 regulator – 2nd stage configuration


The Apeks XTX 200 DCE Diver Changeable Exhaust system offers scuba divers the option of using a long exhaust tee or a more lightweight and compact diffuser. It is carefully designed to be changed quickly at your convenience and means you can quickly configure your own exhaust configuration to suit the diving conditions of the day, or your own bespoke requirements.

Our DCE has been designed to be configured in such a way that bubble interference can be completely eliminated from the scuba diver’s field of vision by locking the set securely in place, offering a high-performance piece of kit, high in quality and low in annoyance factor. Set it and forget it!

High performance features once again from Apeks, designed to last, and keep you safe!

The high quality of our XTX200 regulator means it’s set quite rightly at the top of our range, alongside the tungsten XTX 200. These two regs are our flagship items and are the definitive regulators in their class. Our attention to detail and responsiveness to clients’ reviews and suggestions have given us the motivation to continue to improve in our designs. They represent the blend of top design and careful Apeks craftsmanship, coupled with the highest quality materials available to the scuba industry.

Add the Apeks XTX200 to your shopping cart today and make your next dive enjoyable and safe.

If you need an octopus to go along with your regulator, we also offer our Apeks XTX40 and XTX50. These are designed to the same high specifications and as carefully manufactured as the regulator and are the perfect companion.

Why not add them to your shopping cart as well?

We proudly offer the top of the range XTX 200 regulators to the discerning scuba diver for purchase and review.

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Apeks XTX200 Regulator
Apeks XTX200 Tungsten Regulator


Apeks XTX50
Apex XTX40



APEKS XTX200 Regulator Technical Detail:

Apeks XTX 200 Regulator FIRST STAGE :
  • First stage – FSR type
  • Finished in handsome polished chrome plating finish.
  • Single-piece high quality and compact design.
  • Medium pressure ports, angled. (4 no. 3/8″ UNF)
  • High-pressure ports, angled. (2 no. 7/16″ UNF)
  • 5th port, optional.
  • High performance ARCAP valve seat (Removable)
  • The XTX200 regulator has an over-balanced diaphragm design which is unique to Apeks. This design feature allows greater performance at depth, as it allows medium gas pressure to increase at a faster than ambient rate.
  • Water is kept out of the main spring chamber by our environmental dry system. This keeps contaminators out and prevents the build-up of ice in the regulator.
    Apeks XTX 200 Regulator SECOND STAGE :
  • Our XTX 200 second stage is pneumatically balanced for effortless breathing.
  • The XTX 200 reg enjoys extra large and easy to operate buttons mounted on the side, and utilises a 2 stage progressive purge. To operate a low flow rate, press the side purge button. This is useful for tasks such as filling lift bags, when you need more control over the airflow. To go back to normal operation, simply depress the centre button and the regulator will be ready for clearing.
  • Our soft-touch venturi lever is set to be easy to use and locate. Grit ingress is reduced which promotes effortless and balanced operation, resisting friction and making it a pleasure to use. This is due to the high -quality rubber blend material used.
  • You need to be in control on your dive and so the control knob has been manufactured to be easy to grip in all conditions.
  • We have developed a special anti-bacterial additive at the stage 2 which kills bugs and infection. This additive is effective against bacteria and fugi, as well as E-coli and other viruses. It’s also effective at preventing the build-up of yeast, algae and mould.
    Breathing performance of the XTX200 reg is enhanced by a special design silicone exhaust valve.
  • We have a special design mouth-piece for the Apeks XTX 200 regulator which helps you to stay comfortable and free from jaw-fatigue, the Comfo-bite™ which is the definitive mouthpiece for the modern diver.
  • Our patented Apeks heat exchanger surrounds the XTX valve to prevent gas expansion causing a cold environment. It does this by using the warmth in the surrounding water.

Download the Apeks XTX Manual here.

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